With the right tools along with the perfect strategy, who knows what your limits could be. 

The only major problem with some of these tools is that they tend to be very pricy which can throw some people off, especially new business owners.

So with that being said, here are my top 5 business tools you need before 2021 that you are also able to test out for FREE, or at a discounted price.


What is SEMrush and why you need it

SEMrush allows you to get a deeper look at what your competitors are doing right vs what you are doing wrong. This will help you rethink or re-evaluate your current keywords or even some of your growth/expansion strategies. Remember, there's always room for improvement no matter what. The vast majority of businesses and even their traffic currently uses and are all for SEMrush. Another perk is that this company permits you to construct exceptionally effective advertising strategies that depend on understanding your opposing competitors' strategies for example by focusing on the traffic that they get from their best keywords that they currently use for their website/online businesses SEO.


FastestVPN is one of the best VPN if you're in need of one but on a budget.  As Techradar states, "FastestVPN is available for all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Router, and Kodi, FastestVPN offers high-speed connections, unlimited bandwidth, 99.9% uptime, and unlimited server switching".

It's an amazing VPN, especially for the price along with the MASSIVE deals they have.

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What is Fresh books and why you need it

FreshBooks is a web-based invoicing and bookkeeping software intended for independently employed experts and entrepreneurs and their groups. It is anything but difficult to utilize in any event, for non-tech, non-bookkeeping clients.

FreshBooks permits you to set up programmed billing to send solicitations at the snap of a catch. Your customers can pay their solicitations straightforwardly through the site or application so you can get paid in minutes. They can even decide to keep a credit card on record to pay repeating solicitations only minutes after your bill is sent.


We Build Better Brands

While PhotoWhoa may not necessarily be a 'marketing tool' it can be quite beneficial for yourself if you are currently the content creator for your business's ads.

PhotoWhoa basically offers multiple advanced plugins for photoshop or any other kind of photo editing software. They have got amazing prices along with quality plugins, addons, and even a course for if your course if you are new to editing. Definitely, something to check out.

Extra info: as SiteJabber states "PhotoWhoa has a consumer rating of 3.25 stars from 16 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. PhotoWhoa ranks 12th among Photography Other sites."


Manual transcription can be a lot of tiring work for an individual, and other automated transcriptions tool can end up being WAY too expensive. This is where Wreally's transcribe has a solution.

With amazing reviews all over the internet, Transcribe has got to be one of the best transcription tools for the price they give.

Here is TechRadar's take on Wreally's Transcribe pricing...


A year’s access to the service costs $20, and each hour of transcription times costs $6. Therefore, your minimum investment will be $26 to use the service and have a recording transcribed.

A group license is available, but there aren’t any cost savings in choosing this option. Each user still pays $20 to use the service, and each hour is still $6. The advantage is that all the transcribing time is pooled, avoiding a situation where multiple people each have a few minutes of unused transcription credit.

For those that only intend to use the self-transcription option, the solution costs $20 per year to use, irrespective of individual or group licensing.

Volume licensing is available for more than 50 users or 100 hours of credit, should you have those needs.


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